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Comments made by the children about the visit to the Cathedral.
"Bigger than imagined."
"Wow! Wall was so high."
'Seeing the Mitre.' - recognised from services.
'Real gold behind the Altar!"
Sculpture of Christ - ''Powerful way to share the story of Christ."
Standing under the Big Bell, ''Great George."
Dressing up as the Bishop, " I felt happy in the parade."
'I liked putting loads of colours into making the stained glass window beautiful."
'I liked doing the worship and singing together."

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Sponsored Salsa for Harvest supporting 'Encontro com Deus'.

Diamond Award was presented because a clear understanding of e-safety was demonstrated.


Talented Musicians

Roald Dahl Celebration gallery

Local Police Annual Football Tournament - Year 6



Diamond Award
The award for being 'clear and sharp, as a diamond, about on-line safety' has now been awarded to 6 children from across the school.  They have been nominated by parents and school staff.

Nomination forms, or a quick note, can be used to celebrate those who talk to an adult when they are uncomfortable about something on-line (computer, ipads, tablets, phones). 

Year 1 competing at the Multi Sports Tournament, Broadgreen International School - view our gallery

Seeds from space-Dominic calculating the percentage of seeds that have germinated.

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E-Safety nomination form. Parents please let us know when your child has shown that they are using the internet with care.


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