At Bishop Martin we want all children to learn in an environment where they feel valued, respected and safe. We do not tolerate any form of bullying and have a policy in place that encourages staff, students and parents to work together to tackle bullying.

The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark is a national accreditation, which recognises the work schools are doing to ensure the children come to a safe and secure environment. Bishop Martin is committed to anti-bullying and we are currently working towards achieving the Anti-Bullying Quality Mark.  We have created an Anti-Bullying Action Group, made up of a variety of school community members: teachers, teaching assistants, non-teaching staff members and lunchtime staff, parents and pupils. If you would like to know more or need any help with anti-bullying issues, please contact the school office or the Deputy Headteacher.

We also have our own playtime buddies called the Bishop Martin Guardians, who have received training from Bully busters and are there to help any children who might need it during playtime.

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