Zones of Regulation

What is Zones of Regulation? 

The Zones of Regulation is a popular framework and self-regulation curriculum to teach regulation strategies for managing sensory needs and emotions to children in our school. 

According to Leah Kuypers (The creator of the zones of regulation), every individual comes across trying circumstances that test their limits on various occasions.  If individuals can identify when they are becoming less regulated, they can do something about it. Hence, the ultimate objective of the zones of regulation is to enable people to manage their feelings and mental health and get themselves to a healthy place.

The intervention helps children to label and identify their own emotions before deciding upon strategies which can support them when self-regulating. 

Visit their webpage here: 

What if my child is chosen? 
If your child is chosen for Zones of Regulation you will be contacted and invited to discuss the intervention. When your child has been on the intervention for a few weeks, you will be invited for a meeting to review progress and support.

Who do I contact? 
If you have any questions please speak to  Lorna Harper, SENCO or Jill Broom, Head of School 

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