Personal Development

At Bishop Martin, we recognise the importance of personal development and children having their own identity and aspirations for the future. As well as academic development, it is essential that children are given a range of opportunities, through the curriculum and beyond. We understand the crucial role our INSPIRE curriculum plays in this development.

As part of our Inspire curriculum, we provide our children with a really wide set of rich experiences from Forest School in Early Years to residentials to Wales, York, Edinburgh and Stratford Upon Avon. All of our pupils can access residentials annually from Y2 upwards with each residential focussing on a range of learning opportunities from different areas of the curriculum. 

We know it is so important to develop children's talents and interests. We celebrate these regularly in our school newsletter and Celebration worships. We hold our own talent show in the summer term to give pupils the chance to share their various skills and also develop these through our extra-curricular clubs.

Pupil Leadership Teams

We expect our children to engage and lead within our school. All KS2 pupils are part of a Pupil Leadership Team (PLTs) - these PLTs impact positively on school life and help support our pupils to develop their leadership skills in preparation for taking an active role in their future secondary school. We want our pupils to learn first hand about rights and democracy so that they in turn can begin to learn how they can contribute to society. In Year 5 and 6, we prioritise learning about parliament in our curriculum with a workshop by a Professor of Law about how parliament works in the UK and a visit to the Scottish Parliament on our residential to Edinburgh.

Christian Aid Global Neighbours Award

We are proud to be have been awarded the Global Neighbours Bronze Award. We are now working towards the Global Neighbours Silver Award. The focus of this award is on global citizenship. The aim of the scheme is to increase pupil's knowledge of the root causes of poverty and injustice as well as engage pupils and empower them into transforming injustice in our world.

Children's University

We are part of the LDST University Programme. This programme was paused due to Covid Restrictions but is due to relaunch in Spring 2. Our children collate credits when they attend weekly extra-curricular provision. 

Health and Well Being Award

We are working towards the Liverpool Health and Well Being Award. We have submitted our evidence towards the Bronze Award and we are awaiting notification of whether we have been successful. The Bronze Award focussed on emotional wellbeing and mental health, healthy eating, physical activity and PSHE. We have now started to work on collating evidence towards the Silver Award.

Global Scholars

We know how important it is for our pupils to develop their knowledge of the world to enable them to become responsible, active citizens and have an understanding of local, national and global issues that we face. As part of our INSPIRE Curriculum, Year 5 have the opportunity to take part in an exciting program called Global Scholars. Through the Global Scholars curriculum and online communication with international peers, Year 5 will learn how to solve a global issue. This year, we will be learning about our local food systems and global food systems. 

Follow this link to find out more about the different units being covered and to see videos of what the Y5 pupils have learned.


As part of our plan for this academic year, we have now arranged educational residentials linked to our INSPIRE curriculum for the children in each class from Year 2 - Year 6. Please visit our INSPIRE Curriculum Residentials page for more information.

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