School Uniform

Here is a summary of the Bishop Martin CE Primary School uniform. In Autumn term in order to help ensure that children wear clean clothes daily, parents have been informed that children can wear the summer or winter uniform up to Christmas. 

Winter Uniform:

  • White blouse or shirt
  • Purple and silver striped school tie
  • Grey skirt/pinafore skirt or grey school trousers
  • Badged purple cardigan or pullover
  • White or grey socks or grey or black tights.
  • Sensible flat black shoes.

Summer Uniform:

  • Purple and white check or striped dress 
  • Grey shorts or skirt
  • White school badged polo shirt
  • White socks
  • Badged purple school cardigan or pullover
  • Sensible black shoes not sandals  
  • Purple school cap with badge (optional)

All children need a reading bag to carry their books to and from school please. 

  • Bishop Martin Reading bag

PE Kit

Nike PE kit (we introduced this kit so that children have a kit that is designed for playing sports whatever the weather)

  • Purple badged top
  • Black shorts
  • Black badged tracksuit (optional) 

The school does not allow any jewellery or makeup or any nail varnish.

Uniform items are currently available from the following suppliers:

1. Trutex Schoolwear Ltd they are based at 298 St Mary’s Road, Garston, L19 ONQ  0151 345 3797

2. Kitted Out based at 114 Allerton Road L18 2DG, 0151 733 5533. You can purchase uniform online at their website

 3. Our Online Nike PE kit supplier is Vesey UK LTD - please click below for the online web page:

School is placing orders half termly for the PE kit if you wish to order the PE kit via school to save on postage please email our admin via Orders will then be placed the first week (Friday) of each half term. 

Please note that for Reception class initially we suggest that you just buy the Nike PE and Shorts for PE lessons.

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