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Creative development encompasses art and design at Bishop Martin. We believe art is very important as it enables children to gain a broad and well-rounded education and allows children to develop their imagination and creativity. It teaches children to express themselves both as a means of self-expression and to communicate with others, helping children to understand the world visually. We would like Art to unleash the child’s creativity, ensuring that art is a pleasurable experience, where children engage in sessions with enthusiasm. Art sessions are skills and knowledge based, built upon year on year, enabling children to create their own work based on knowledge and skills. Our Art curriculum reflects our diverse society. Artists are carefully selected to ensure that there are artists from a range of backgrounds, which the children can relate to and be inspired by. Art and design can also support children with their problem solving and analytical skills, as pictures can allow children to explore and test out ideas. 


We joined 'Artsmark - A Day to Create': a day for children's ideas, imagination and creativity to flourish through a whole school arts activity.

Enrichment Expeirences:

Many thanks also to all parents who contribut to the workshops with The Walker Art Gallery. The children linked art with wellbeing, explored the work of famous artists, such as Monet and learnt drawing techniques liked to perspective.

Click on the files below to explore some enrichment activities we have enjoyed and to visit our online Bishop Martin art gallery.


ART AT HOME - click on the links below to enjoy some art at home, applying the skills and techniques you have learnt in school:

Key Stage 1 Art

Key Stage 2 Art


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