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At Bishop Martin Church of England Primary School, we offer an academic curriculum that develops the INDIVIDUAL, NURTURES curiosity, demonstrates a progression of SKILLS, is filled with PURPOSEFUL first-hand experiences, develops INDEPENDENCE, is RESPONSIVE to the individual and EMBRACES children’s understanding of the world we live in.

However, we also believe in the value of developing pupils’ character to support their holistic development whilst ensuring that this supports the atmosphere and behaviour within our school. We want children to develop into individuals who:


  • Take responsibility for their own learning different situations

  • Show empathy and understanding

  • Are proud of their achievements

  • Develop happy and healthy relationships

  • Take responsibility and become a leader

  • Are creative

  • Support charitable causes

  • Value other cultures

  • Appreciate the arts

  • Value and look after their local community and shape its future

  • Show commitment and dedication

  • Are resilient and persevere


In order to achieve this, we have developed Bishop Martin Inspirations to allow our children to record their experiences from Year 1 to Year 6 inside and outside of school.


Bishop Martin Inspirations are split into five areas:

  1. Outdoor Challenges - encouraging children to embrace life outdoors

  2. Our World - experience the world we live in

  3. Creative Arts - express yourself in different ways

  4. Life Skills - develop independence and skills for the wider world

  5. Experiences – some simple experiences we want all children to have linked to wellbeing, happiness, fun and laughter.


These areas are broken down into 20 key experiences for the children to complete and achieve whilst at Bishop Martin Church of England Primary School. 

Bishop Martin Inspirations act as an extension of our INSPIRE Curriculum to bring together children, families, and the community to celebrate life experiences and the development of skills whilst recognising the importance of developing pupils’ character.


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