Behaviour and Attitudes

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Good behaviour is at the heart of everything our school does. We prioritise the behaviour of our pupils as we know that good behaviour is fundamental to good learning. Our staff prioritise good positive behaviour from when our pupils walk in the door at breakfast club from 7.30am until they leave after a busy day of learning. The expectation at Bishop Martin is that all pupils should behave well because it is the right thing to do. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we have strong procedures and routines in place across our school so we can be efficient and use our time learning well. 

Our staff have been trained and receive constant refresher training so that they can manage our pupils well so that pupils and staff can focus on learning. We also prioritise behaviour so that our pupils feel safe within our school. 

We have a code of conduct that underpins all that we expect from our pupils. We focus on rewarding our pupils for good behaviour and support those who require additional support.  The expectation is that our pupils will behave and we teach our children how to behave. Good behaviour is expected to be seen, demonstrated, encouraged and expected all the time starting from Reception up to Y6 (our expectations are in line with the development and age of the child).

We want our pupils to flourish academically and socially so we ask our pupils to think and focus. 

Leaders have a School Improvement Plan for Behaviour and Personal Development for 2023-24 to help further support our developments in this area across our school.

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